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Interest-Free Loans Now Available!

The Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida (HFLA), a Federation subsidiary, wants to help you! Do you need financial assistance with your small business? What about unexpected home repairs or medical expenses? Since 1989, HFLA has been offering interest-free loans to Jewish individuals and families in need. The agency provides four different types of loans: Personal, Entrepreneur, Infertility, (the Making Miracle Babies Fund) and Adoption (the Goldstein Family Adoption Fund). Click here for more information. HFLA has provided more than 600 interest-free loans during the past three decades totaling more than $2 million. HFLA: If you need us, borrow. If you know someone, refer.

HFLA personal loans of up to $4,000 provide financial assistance for emergencies, medical and dental expenses, car and housing repairs, lifecycle events, early childhood and day school education, divorce, immigration costs, rental costs and more.

In addition to personal loans, HFLA offers three other financing opportunities. The HFLA Entrepreneur Loan Program (HELP) provides interest-free loans of up to $10,000 to start or expand a small business. The Making Miracle Babies Fertility Fund provides $18,000 in interest-free loans for assistance with in-vitro fertilization costs to Jewish would-be parents residing in Miami-Dade County. The Goldstein Family Adoption Fund provides $24,000 interest-free loans to cover the birth mother’s medical and living expenses, adoption and attorney fees, social worker fees and court costs.

HFLA Chair Michelle Ben-Aviv said, “There are many people that don’t qualify for public assistance, but truly need help. Oftentimes, unexpected expenses like an illness or losing a job can throw a hardworking family into turmoil and despair at a moment’s notice. HFLA is there for members of our community during those unexpected hardships, offering help while maintaining the dignity of the individual.”

Every loan disbursed by HFLA is a community investment in the privacy and independence of local families and individuals in need. Borrowers’ commitments to timely repayment schedules have helped HFLA maintain a reimbursement rate of more than 98 percent. As soon as monthly loan payments are deposited, HFLA can approve and disburse loans to more clients. Borrowers understand the process and appreciate they fact that they are quite literally paying it forward to the next person in need. “I have always been enamored by the concept that every dollar HFLA has will be recycled and used to help people in perpetuity,” added Ben-Aviv. “The dollars are never spent down, which for someone who is involved in fundraising for many organizations, is a very powerful and innovative concept.”

For more information about the Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida, visit hebrewloan.org or call 305.692.7555.